Guide to setup THE RIGHT ARM

THE RIGHT ARM is the  universal laptop, tablet stand and mobile stand-up desk for any device. It is simple to setup and super easy to use.

To start the installation process you must first connect the anchor with a table or mount. Make sure that by winding the lever to is maximum your TheRightArm is firmly attached to the table.

2014-09-03 11_34_10-THE RIGHT ARM_ universal tablet stand & mobile stand-up desk by Bumbershoot Vent


The rotating ball join is connected by screw, so it is realativly easy to remove and also adjust the position the pivot.

2014-09-03 11_40_13-THE RIGHT ARM screw join


And then the final installaion is to place your laptop / tablet pc or books on the German-made, high density (1.06 g/cm3) polyurethane gel. It losses 20% of its stickness on the first or second day of use but the rest remains intact for its lifetime.

2014-09-03 11_46_22-THE RIGHT ARM_ sticky gel


For additional saftly there are two elastic bands which will help keep your device in place.

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