Make any Webmail service your Default E-mail Client (Firefox, Opera and Chrome Tutorial)

In recent times people tend to use webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc most of the time. Many users use their company mail as well however they prefer to use the web-mail services.

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How often has it happened that you clicked on an email address on any web page and your default email client opened? In this tutorial we will resolve the issue.

Use any Webmail services as your Default Email in Chrome

Chrome has a buit-in option which will allow you to use your Gmail account as your default email client however, it is limited to Gmail only. For other webmail services you will need to get the mailto extension. Download it here Extension:Mailto

Use any Webmail services as your Default Email in Mozilla Firefox

To setup the default email  option at Firefix you need to first navigate to the Options menu. In the pop-up window tab down to the Application TAB. If you scroll down you will see the mailto option on the left side under Content type. By default you wil have the option to choose Gmail or Yahoo as your default mail client.

For users there is an addon which will automtatically switch all mailto links to webmail. Download it here : Live Mailer

Use any Webmail services as your Default Email in Opera

Opera uses the same framework as Chrome so the same Mailto extension will work for Opera allowing you to set any Webmail services as your default email client. Download it here Extension:Mailto

Other broswers and Options

If you are using other browsers like Internet Explorers you can use Google Toolbar to set up Gmail as your default email client.

It is also quite simple to setup IMAP or POP services now as well on desktop email clients which works with most services like Gmail / etc. View our tutorial on how to Setup Gmail on Outlook Email Client.


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